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Our strengths

Automation / Rationalization
Automation / Rationalization
We can consistently perform work mechanization from specification formulation to design, manufacturing, inspection, installation, and after-sales service.
By robot motion simulation, it is possible to design in consideration of the movable range and interference with the front and rear lines.

We, not only inspect equipment from parts brought in by various high precision measuring machines such as 3D measuring instruments, but also carry out on-site precision measurements.

Special robot
Special robot planning and production
We have consistent technology from planning to design, production and installation, and can meet special needs.
We are strong in the robot field, so please leave it to us.

3D scanning application
3D scanning application(example)
When constructing the transport rail, measure the terrain with a 3D scanner and set the route using 3D-CAD. Each rail can be pre-bent in the factory.

Equipment maintenanc
Equipment maintenance
We will analyze the equipment we have received, identify problems, take countermeasures, and also can make improvements.

Reverse engineering
Reverse engineering
Even if there is no drawing, it is possible to raise the drawing from the actual product and re-manufacture it, and we will improve it upon request.

Can making / Machining
Welding / Machining
We will process the base metal to the requested shape using our precision processing equipment. We also weld, paint and assemble, so please feel free to contact us.

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At "Nagayama Iron Works", we will strive to pursue "convenience for customers".

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